Hello world!

This is the website of Wes Ewell’s personal interests, which include building, restoring, and riding bicycles; building and paddling kayaks; building scale models; and creating line drawings and watercolor paintings of equipment and structures related to the two-foot gauge railroads of Maine, as well as the defunct Suncook Valley Railroad of New Hampshire.


Monson Plow Right Side


4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. kristen Says:

    Hi Dad,
    I am happy you put this website together as it lets me see into your world in a whole new way!
    Love you. K

  2. Aleen Ferris Says:

    I love your work. It is so clean & organic. Very classical. Your website is really nice as well.

  3. Reg Akers Says:

    Thanks for giving modeling info on these railroads that I have just taken up a really keen interest in by embarking on a model (freelance in O or S) of part of the WW&F line.
    Hope you can put some info on the site about the Grasse River line as Keystone has some kits available from time to time.
    Again, thanks so much and continue on in your effort.

  4. Kent A. Kneisley Says:

    I looked at your site and it has a new appearance which looks cleaner. I thank you for putting it up and appreciate your efforts to get information to the model community. Please keep up the very good work you doing and congratulations on an excellent site.

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