B&SR Harrison Freight House

Once again I have my British friend, Terry Smith, to thank for his encouragement and help in developing a set of drawings for the freight house that served the Bridgton and Saco River Railroad in Harrison Maine. Ironically, when the Town of Bridgton took over the railroad from the Maine Central, they renamed it Bridgton and Harrison and abandoned the branch that ran along the shore of Long Lake to Harrison. These drawings developed rather quickly, as there are some excellent photos that allowed direct measurement or easy counting of clapboards. As usual, left click on the image to enlarge it. Thanks also to Peter Barney for supplying basic dimensions from the 1916 ICC report.

Text and drawings on this page Copyright 2010 by Wesley Ewell and may not be used in any form without permission. An exception is granted for modelbuilders who may copy the drawings for personal use, but may not sell, distribute or publish them in any way. Left click on the drawings and photos to enlarge them.

June 14, 2011 – I recently completed an enhanced set of these drawings for a book that Peter Barney is preparing for the Bridgton Historical Society.

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