Marbles Station

At the very end of the Phillips and Rangeley branch of the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad, a few hundred yards beyond the Rangeley Station, was a private station known as Marbles. This building still exists, although it has been expanded into a lakeside cottage. It is made of New Hampshire granite, not marble. The name came from a Mr. Marbles, who had the station built to serve his lakeside resort hotel. Here is what it looked like when new.

My drawings of this building were done in pencil from three sets of field notes that pretty consistently conflicted with each other. When I finally got to see this building up close and inside, my drawings had already been published, so I did not try to verify any dimensions. Kits for this building, made from my drawings, have been offered in both HO and O scales.

Here is a shot you won’t see anywhere else that I took inside the upper tower. The stone color actually has a peach tinge that does not show in this flash photo.

This exterior shot shows the stone color more accurately.

Marbles Station Color

Looking up into the tower roof, you can see that the framing is rather haphazard.

Marbles Tower Inside

Drawings, photos, and text on this page Copyright 1996, 2010 and 2014 by Wesley Ewell and may not be used in any form without permission. An exception is granted for modelbuilders who may copy the drawings for personal use, but may not sell, distribute or publish them in any way. Left click on the drawings and photos to enlarge them.

3 Responses to “Marbles Station”

  1. Albert Guckes Says:

    Nice site.


  2. wes Says:

    awesome drawings and info
    thank you for your care and the quality of work

  3. wes Says:

    I do intend to down load this and use it to build my On2 model with your permission…and again my thanks
    Wes Mckewin

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