Welcome to my fun site. My intent is to occasionally post drawings, photos, and comments related to my personal interests for the benefit of others who share them. Read about my book, What’s Happening, Making Sense of 2012 and a World in Chaos, along with my essays and political rants, at www.wesleyewell.com. I am retired from a career of community planning, real estate development, and construction management, currently living on Cape Cod.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Dan Thaler Says:

    Great site! I just got a shearwater hybrid kit, my first boat. I can see how this can become an obsession. I just wanted to say hello. I’ll be checking back soon. You’ve done a beautiful job on the merganser.

  2. Gerry Cole Says:

    Hi Wes, fantastic site with excellent artwork of the 2-foot Maine railroads. Gerry Cole, Longmont, CO

  3. Bob Bennett Says:

    Hi Wes,

    I’ve been on this site a several times lately to use the drawings of the Strong creamery for a model I’m doing in 1/4″ scale; they’re a big help. In addition, my e-mail acct. got hacked a month or so ago so the attached address is my new one.

    Take Care.

    Best, Bob Bennett

  4. Peter Barney Says:

    Hi Wes:

    More info has surfaced on 554 It was numbered 5 between 1900 -1911. The cupola you have is too small. Check out Devos Vol 3 and Vol 4 Devos has also surfaced two photos of the car marked F&M RR with window on both sides ( no blank cupola space on right side, but with cupola not as wide as car body. The car is in snow train service on the P&R!

    Peter Barney

    • twofootartist Says:

      Guy Rioux has done extensive research on this issue and thinks that these were three separate cars. He thinks the car with the cupola was converted from a B&B excursion car, as you told me many years ago. It was rebuilt about 1913 and lasted until 1926. The car with windows on both sides was converted from the B&B boxcar and scrapped in 1913. And the car with the narrow cupola was the original P&R flanger built in 1900. -Wes

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